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vevacious is hosted by Hepforge, IPPP Durham

Installing Vevacious

Vevacious brings together a variety of public tools. Here we aim to provide simple instructions to help you through the installation and basic setup required to evaluate the vacuum structure of a parameter point. Vevacious should work with any UNIX based system. In this guide we assume that you have installed a C++ compiler such as gcc, Mathematica (at least version 7), python (at least version 2.7.1) and a fortran compiler such as gfortran. We also assume that the model you want to study is already implemented in SARAH and Vevacious so that you will be using one of the model files included with the package. A quick start guide with a simple explanation of the installation and setup procedure can be downloaded here:

Quick start guide

For a detailed guide on installation, possible options and in particular how to implement your own models (including SUSY spectrum generation) we refer you to Vevacious manual.

To see what are the programs you need to install before installing Vevacious see the Installation requirements section.